Cool Style of Tiger Tattoos Designs

Cool Style of Tiger Tattoos Designs


Cool Style of Tiger Tattoos Designs – It is undeniable that the tiger is one of the most powerful symbols of strength and beauty. Japanese samurai used tiger as a symbol. In the modern world, tiger tattoo designs have been very popular since the ’90’s. Since this style has been in fashion for so long, it is important to find a design that is not excessive. If you get a generic looking tiger tattoo there is a good chance you will regret it later.

Is the symbol of the tiger really in your heart? If so, then you need to know how to find the original tattoo design that inspires you, one you can take pride in showing the rest of your life. Is tiger tattoo designs for you? Tiger tattoos by nature are usually larger designs. Really think about this one, does this symbol energy really resonate with you? The tiger as a symbol is open to personal interpretation, but here are some general meanings:

The symbolic significance of the tiger

  • Strength and courage
  • Beauty and pride
  • Passion and sensuality
  • Purity of heart

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You definitely do not want to get a tattoo tiger because it looks cool or fashionable. Make sure this symbol has a more personal meaning to you before making a commitment. Think before your ink! If you commit to getting a tattoo tiger, great! Now it’s time to consider the different styles available. There are many choices of styles to consider and we will not go to all of them here. But here are some that tend to go well with the tiger design:

Tiger tribe Tattoos

The thick black stripes of the tribal style go very well with the tiger stripes. It’s Looks simple, yet very masculine and powerful that can capture the movement of a big cat.

Dragon Tiger Tattoos

This is a classic Yin / Yang combination found in Asian cultures. The dragon symbolizes protection (male or Yin energy) and the tiger symbolizes strength (male or energy.)

Tiger flower Tattoos

For a more feminine and elegant look, Japanese flower in combination with graceful looking tiger design is very interesting.

OK, now you have some pretty good ideas about the meaning of tigers and some different styles of ideas, but where do you find great looking tattoos that do not bore the same old designs you see everywhere? First, do not waste your time wading through the generic ocean pictures you see on all these internet sites. Most of these designs are very outdated. Plus the majority of these images were never designed to be used as tattoo art. They are the only random images that have been added to the database. Some tiger tattoo designs may look cool on paper but they will not look the same when ink on your body.

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